Beautiful Savior Lutheran School and Early Learning Center

PTL Lunch Program


2016-2017 School Year


Dear Beautiful Savior Families,

Welcome to the new school year!  This year we are offering our lunch program on special days to our students and staff.

We will have three types of lunches:  Marco’s Pizza, Jimmy Johns, and for right now we have lunches from King Soopers.  Lunches can be ordered and pre-paid for the school year.  (Lunches may also be ordered on a weekly basis – order forms and payment need to be submitted to the school office by 3:30 p.m., the Friday before the lunch is to be served.)

Please click on the links below for order forms which list menu items, prices and specific dates each lunch will be served.  Please return your order forms to the school office – thanks!

You can write one check for all three of the lunches – please make your check payable to:

“Beautiful Savior PTL Lunches.” 

Drinks are available for purchase, but need to be filled out and paid for, just like the lunches. Drinks are provided on the same sheet to order lunch. 

Unfortunately, refunds cannot be given after the food has been ordered.  If you pre-order lunch and your child is absent, you can call the school office in the morning before lunch is served and request the lunch be saved for the next day.  If you do not make this request, the lunch will be given to another hungry student.


PTL Lunch Program2016-2017


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